Dog & Puppy Visits

Dog Home Visits

If your dog is housebound but incapable of long walks due to illness or old age, a Happy Paws dog visit could be just the ticket to keeping them happy in your absence. Happy Paws will visit your dog at your home and carry out any tasks agreed without yourselves including feeding and watering, playing, administering medication and toilet breaks.

Please note, Happy Paws does not offer overnight care for dogs.

Happy Paws dog home visits last a minimum of 20 minutes. Rates for Happy Paws dog visits can be found here.

Puppy visits Newcastle

Puppy visit time.

Puppy Visits

The arrival of a new puppy is an exciting time for any household but a puppy needs plenty of care and attention to comfort and stimulate them through their early development and sometimes a busy work schedule may mean that you are unable to get home to visit your puppy as often as you’d like. That’s where Happy Paws Pet Sitting in Newcastle can help. Our puppy visits include feeding and watering, lots of playtime, toilet breaks and a clean-up of any accidents. Following your puppy’s final vaccinations we can introduce short walks to further develop their socialisation, incorporating any training that you are already utilising, building up to joining our group dog walks if you wish.

Happy Paws puppy visits last 20 minutes and will play a major role in your puppy’s development and we can visit once or twice a day, subject to availability, to suit your needs. Rates for Happy Paws puppy visits can be found here.

Please note, Happy Paws does not offer overnight care for puppies.

If you have any questions regarding Happy Paws dog and puppy visits please don’t hesitate to contact us.