Why Use a Professional Dog Walker?

Dog Walker

It’s a question that we’re sometimes asked at Happy Paws and there are several good reasons to make the choice.

First and foremost, all dogs need exercise. Young, healthy dogs need plenty of long walks and although older dogs and puppies, once ready, may need shorter walks, regular exercise for all ages is essential. A good professional dog walker can offer you a flexible range of walks to suit your dog’s needs making sure they receive the level of exercise suitable for their breed and age.

Most of us these days lead increasingly busy and often hectic lives. Work, family, social life and illness can mean you can’t always be there for your beloved pet. This means that many dogs, often through no fault of their owners, spend large parts of the day alone in the house. A bored pooch, no matter how well trained or behaved, can soon become difficult and destructive.

When you are away from home, it’s understandable that you can worry about your dog for any number of reasons. Are they bored? Do they need exercise? What about toilet time? How is that new sofa looking?!  Fortunately, a professional dog walker is there to help ease your concern and keep your dog happy, well exercised, boredom free and given those vital toilet breaks!

Dog Walker

Two Border Collies enjoying their walk

Socialisation is also key to a happy and fulfilled doggy lifestyle. A good walk where they can be socialised with other dogs and people can not only help to prevent behavioural problems but also provide your dog with essential mental stimulation. This kind of regular exercise and socialisation can go a long way towards treating common behavioural problems including whining and barking, and chewing and destructive behaviour in the home.

With a professional dog walker your dog will receive the personal one to one attention they need and love. With regular walks, your dog and your dog walker will develop a bond and enjoy each other’s company and a few belly rubs and treats too! A good dog walker can not only become a trusted friend to your dog but to you too. Someone you can rely onto care of your dog when you can’t be there and to provide the exercise, socialisation, stimulation and boredom breaking fun to make your dog happy and healthy.

Let’s go walkies!

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