National Black Cat Day

Sometimes size can be deceptive.

One of our cats at Happy Paws, Starsky, has been getting a lot of publicity of late. Mainly due to a nasty scrape with a neighbourhood cat of dubious morals. Lurking in the shadows, his brother Hutch has kept a low profile. That’s the way he likes it. Lulling everyone into a false sense of security.

Cat sitting

Starsky and Hutch Cat Napping

Hutch was the only black kitten in a large litter of black and whites. He stood alone. The black sheep of the family. We couldn’t resist him, or Starsky whose incredible climbing skills, acrobatics and persuasive meowing would have caught anyone’s attention.

We took them in. Starsky has grown into a lovable, friendly, cutesy, chocolate box and calendar cover cat. Hutch hasn’t. Hutch has an alternate moniker. The dark destroyer. He may be small. He may look as sweet as apple pie but please don’t be misled. He lures you in. Rolls on your lap. Purrs like a top of the range sports car. Then you’ve had it. The teeth sink in. The claws lock on. Suffice to say the first aid kit in our house is frequently replenished.

To celebrate Cats Protection National Black Cat Day 2015, Hutch returned from a brief jaunt to wail on the doorstep. An unusual sound warning us that something wasn’t quite right. As I opened the door he looked up at me. His eyes said see I love you really. I’ve brought you a present. A freshly killed field mouse.

Thanks Hutch. Happy Black Cat Day. We love you too.